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Metalogic Finance Explorer 3.1

Finance Explorer is a financial application that offers you a good performance
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If you are looking out for an average performance, easy-to-use financial application, Metalogic Finance Explorer 3.1 is a good choice, which features only the necessary applications in the product. The software package is not overburdened with too much unnecessary high-end functionality and essentially features the much-needed features, such as provision to update the stock quotes directly from the web.

Its user interface is similar to the Windows Explorer making it very much user-friendly and simple to understand. The user can import transactions directly into MLFE by downloading them from the bank directly, and this prevents the need to manually enter them. In this way it saves precious time and avoids mistakes. What’s more, the program supports almost all popular formats like Microsoft Money (OFX) and Intuit Quicken QFX as well as QIF. The software supports several types of accounts including bank, cash, credit, etc, and has no limits the number of accounts that can be handled.

Finance Explorer has many other cool features like budgeting, and the user can set specific financial goals and the budget feature helps a great deal in achieving them. At the same time, it is possible to exercise great control over the spending, whether it's paying the debt or saving for something. The user can keep track of all the stocks, arrange all the transactions into categories for getting a better overview of all expenditures and income, have a complete view of finances at a glance, record all loans and track the progress and do lots more.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Good personal financial application & features for beginners


  • Some features need your bank details
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